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Anyone can send a message to the Co-op (you don't have to be a member), or just give us a call at 301-891-COOP (2667). You can use the forms below to submit suggestions, update your member information, or to volunteer for a role in your community.

Have a comment or suggestion for the Co-op?
Send an email directly to the Outreach Manager at, to the General Manager at or use the Suggestion Form below.

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Vendors who wish to contact the co-op should use the "NEW VENDOR CONTACT" form.

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(Last updated on April 06 2017)

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Volunteer In Your Community


1) Please indicate how often you would like to volunteer.


2) Do you have special skills or interests that you would be interested in offering as a volunteer for the co-op (e.g., legal, accounting, artistic, musical, public speaking, etc.)?

3) Are there any areas in particular in which you would be interested in volunteering?  (Please check all that apply.)

  Marketing staff support (e.g., outreach to specific groups)

  Special Events

            Earth Day (late April)

            Jazz Fest (June)

            4th of July Parade

            Takoma Festival (October)



            Governance (bylaws, articles of incorporation)

            Membership (outreach, communications)

            Other (Please specify):

  Readers for story-time (currently every Wednesday, 10:30-11:00 am)

  Arts & Crafts for the holidays

  Upkeep of Co-op garden

  Web (content, not design)

  Newsletter (content, not design)

  Represent TPSS Co-op as a volunteer to other organizations (e.g., to schools, non-profits with shared goals and interests)

  Education (speakers, demonstrations in-store or out)

  Research (e.g., collect information on alternative products to stock, best practices
at other Co-ops)

  Other (Please specify):

4) Please give us your contact information so that we may continue to let you know
about volunteer opportunities and the growth of the revitalized program.

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New Vendor Contact Form

New Vendors Start Here

Vendors who wish to have TPSS Co-op carry their products should use this form. Please do not phone the co-op directly. The buyer for the appropriate department will get back in touch if your product is desired.

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